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My painting is abstract.I research the relationship between color and space to archieve a compsition that is form an expression.I use mixed techniques in my collage I use paper as color.

I intend to capture feeleings and emotions,inner and intense manifestations that are not expressed with words.

I articulate my mental process using chromatic relationships,their strenght and form.My imagination is stimulated by nature and by the flow of daily life.

I paint a world that I wish I was living in,expressing the traces of my life without being literal,but by simply painting.

Alessandra Bisi is a painter and gifted poet of form and color.who creates cromatic impressions of her travels around the world and herpersonal journey as an artist.Observing Alessandra Bisi's paintings,it is possible to see not an itaian village or an African market,but to feel the textures,the structure and the essence of a momentcarefully interpreted.

Her paintings have been featured in major European art shows for more than a decade.Since she was little,she was not interested in reproducing reality,but was passionate about drawing the world as she wished it to be.

Born in Milan,Italy in 1965,Alessandra grew up surrounded by art and architecture.The vibrant industrial city at the heart of the italian fashion world became her earliest instructor,providing a master class of art anddesign,form and function,from Old Masters to new Ferraris.

At a young age she decided to become an artist.

Her early skills showed promise and she was admitted to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera  where she studied painting and visual design,focusing on the dinamics of color and geometry.At the academy,she was taught the fundamental techniques of the Renaissance painters and for practice,was challenged to reproduce the style of Caravaggio-not an easy task.She studied the great artists of the last century and developed a fondness for Modigliani,Kandinsky,Picasso,Schiele and Mondrian in particular.She also studied with contemporary artist,while working to refine her own unique style.

Of time,colors and forms lost the connections the stories they told.Colors and forms are now themselves.I wish that from these colors and shapes,stories I have never told or lived may come to life.

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